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  • Teiran Lavellan

    So beautiful! Your art and storytelling are both gorgeous. I hope to see more

  • Teiran Lavellan

    So beautiful! You’re style and storytelling are both so gorgeous. I hope to see more and that you are well laskull!

  • Bert Knabe

    I am so glad to hear you’re coming back. I just finished catching up, only to see no update in 6 months! Phew!

  • CassieT

    I just found this and i’might hooked Already! Such a georgeous art Style!

  • hello everyone! finally figured out how to use my disqus haha, sorry about that. anywho! i am currently on hiatus because i am busy with art commissions and such, but i am working on the next parts of Fairy Tale Dead, which I plan to bring back during the summer. thanks for your patience!

  • Twit

    well… looks like this comic is gonna be on a hiatus for a while, sadly,but…. well, i hope youre well! such a gorgeous comic.

    • Well, if you came here from Alice and the Nightmare, Misha did say they were classmates, so I wonder if the hiatus is due to having to complete here SVA senior thesis. Whatever the case, it is a beautiful webcomic and I hope Amber is well.

  • Ghoul100

    This is just about the best webcomic I’va read. It’s so beautiful.

  • Wren Marks

    I just found this webcomic because of guest art done for Alice and the Nightmare. I hope you plan to continue this webcomic(if not, I hope all is well), the story is very interesting and your art is super gorgeous!

  • tired person

    Is this comic on hiatus? I just discovered it and like it so far.

  • Lemax

    This hasn’t updated in a while, I wonder why?

  • Kyleigh

    This seems too beautiful for anyone to comment on… So I read it, but don’t say anything. This is one of my favorites though!