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  • just binged the comic (as you can probably tell -hehe), and love the art, the story… so much!
    Totally going to share the candle page without explaining to a certain someone, that’s for sure! (a disqus user, not whatever-you-were-thinking)

  • Corei

    This looks so good, I hope you’re going to continue. I’m willing to wait 🙂

  • Brittany Warman

    Hope you come back soon, this is brilliant!! <3!

  • Tashina O’Neill

    I’m so glad this isn’t abandoned! I only found it recently and I’m in love.

  • Bert Knabe

    I really love your drawing style. Very interesting comic.

  • Jay Hartin


  • IcarusHector

    just binged it, delightful concept and gorgeous execution. Excited to hear there will be more.

  • eucalia

    SO EXCITED. I love your art!!