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  • DarkwingLady

    Oh hey, got here from Blindsprings and I’ve been bingeing.
    Happy New Year and I hope you sort out whatever IRL thing that you are stuck in, so you can continue this. My prayers for you.

    Meanwhile, thanks for making this intriguing story! Love the pics too – clearly you’ve been working hard. Have a great year~!
    Will comment more when I got notice of new eps, lulz~

  • when’s this resuming?

  • just binged the comic (as you can probably tell -hehe), and love the art, the story… so much!
    Totally going to share the candle page without explaining to a certain someone, that’s for sure! (a disqus user, not whatever-you-were-thinking)

  • Corei

    This looks so good, I hope you’re going to continue. I’m willing to wait 🙂

  • Brittany Warman

    Hope you come back soon, this is brilliant!! <3!

  • Tashina O’Neill

    I’m so glad this isn’t abandoned! I only found it recently and I’m in love.

  • Bert Knabe

    I really love your drawing style. Very interesting comic.

  • Jay Hartin


  • IcarusHector

    just binged it, delightful concept and gorgeous execution. Excited to hear there will be more.

  • eucalia

    SO EXCITED. I love your art!!